New Home Warranty Inspection in Toronto, ON

Pre-Delivery and Structural Inspections by Toronto Home Inspectors

Thorough Property Inspections across Greater Toronto Area

At OM Inspections Inc., we specialize in licensed Pre-Delivery Home Inspection and comprehensive structural assessments across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our focus is on providing detailed evaluations, particularly in New Home Warranty Inspections and Structural Inspections, ensuring clients in Toronto make informed decisions about their property investments.

New Home Warranty Inspection and Structural Inspection for clients across the Greater Toronto Area

Below is what you can expect when our home inspectors perform new home warranty inspection for you.

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI):

Before property handover, our meticulous inspections under the New Home Warranty Inspection in Toronto identify potential issues pre-possession, facilitating a smooth transition for buyers.

30-Day Inspection:

Post-possession, our inspections at the 30-day mark aim to detect deficiencies post-occupancy, allowing prompt resolution under the builder's warranty.

Year-End Inspection:

Towards the first year's end, our inspections document any defects or issues that emerged during the initial occupancy period, adhering to the builder's warranty guidelines.

Major Structural Inspection (MSD):

Focusing on major structural components, our comprehensive assessments under the Structural Home Inspection in Toronto verify quality and uncover potential structural concerns.

  1. Importance of Inspections in New Home Warranties
    Builders usually offer warranty coverage for the first two years of a new property's life. Despite this coverage, new constructions might exhibit cosmetic, structural, or mechanical issues. Our inspections serve as a crucial tool to uncover and document these concerns, ensuring buyers have a clear understanding of their prospective property's condition and potential future concerns.

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  • If You Hesitate to Pay For a Professional, Consider What It May Cost You To Hire An Amateur!
  • Informed buyer makes good buying decision. Your new home is your biggest investment, make sure it is as good as it seems to be with a certified home Inspector. We provide professional, unbiased inspections in the Greater Toronto Area. Our inspections are comprehensive, and involve a visual examination of the physical structure and systems. Our inspections cover hundreds of items from the ground to roof. All information is then interpreted into our comprehensive electronic report and emailed to you, giving you the necessary information to make a worry free decision with the knowledge and confidence of peace of mind.
  1. Contact Us for Expert Inspections
    For comprehensive and detailed home inspections across the Greater Toronto Area, trust OM Inspections Inc. Our licensed inspectors specialize in New Home Warranty Inspections, Pre-Delivery Home Inspection in Toronto, and Structural Home Inspection in Toronto.

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