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If you’re in the market for a new house, you may have been advised by friends, family, or even your mortgage broker to get a home inspection done before purchasing a house. While home inspections are NOT a mandatory part of the home transaction in Ontario, getting them is vital. Home inspections help you identify whether the place you’re interested in is a money pit or a sound investment.

At OM Inspections Inc., we aim to provide our clients with detailed information about the property they plan to purchase. We are a client-based business geared towards absolute client satisfaction. We are also honest with our findings and ensure that you get the answers and explanations you need, even if it means that your home transaction is a disappointment.

For a clear understanding of how our inspection services can help you, we have listed three of our services below. We’ve even covered a few aspects that make us stand out as home inspectors. Keep reading to see what the OM Inspections Inc. experience is like and how you can benefit.

Our services

1. Pre-purchase inspection
The most common inspection type is the pre-purchase inspection. With this inspection, you as the potential buyer get a comprehensive report about the condition of the property or house. There are photos embedded in the report body, so there is no need to jump from one page to another to see the issue discussed. The report is delivered in up to twenty-four hours after the inspection is complete. In some cases, the report can be emailed almost immediately.

2. Pre-sale inspection
The second most common inspection is the pre-sale inspection. Under this inspection service, the seller of a property gets a full scope of what to expect from the potential buyer and can prepare and better their home before any negative comment comes from the potential buyer.

3. New home warranty inspection
The third type of inspection we offer is a new home warranty inspection. There are a few types of warranty inspections (as defined by Tarion) PDI, 30-Day Form, Year-End Form, Second-Year Form, and Major Structural Defect.

Each inspection type is time-sensitive and typically can not be submitted to Tarion past the due date. Each inspection type is also specific to warranty coverage and carries different warranty restrictions.

What makes us stand out

1. We are industry leaders
OM Inspections Inc. is proud to be an industry leader and innovative business dedicated to helping individuals make smart home purchasing decisions. We maintain a high integrity level, even if it means less business. This is because there is no compromise on quality and dedication when it comes to you, our client.

2. We are highly professional
In our line of work, professionalism is paramount. We maintain high standards of services with access to the best tradesmen in this industry. Our inspectors are trained in all aspects of the construction industry, and there is no question we will not find an answer to for you.

3. We are committed to customer satisfaction
The most common comment we hear from our clients is, “you made the house transaction less stressful.” We love hearing this as it ensures that our service goals of keeping our clients happy are met.

For more details about our home inspection services, reach out to us at OM Inspections Inc. We are certified home inspectors in Toronto, Ontario, providing professional and unbiased home inspections. We aim to help property buyers make informed decisions. After all, buying a new home is a life-changing experience, and we want to ensure that they have the most positive experience possible. After we finish up an inspection, we email you a comprehensive report with the information necessary to make a worry-free choice.

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