What Makes OM Inspections Inc. Stand Out

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Here's what makes OM Inspections Inc. stand out

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About OM Inspections Inc.

OM Inspections provides home inspection and construction services to different builders and clients. We were established as a business in 2004, and despite a few ups and downs, business has been growing. We work out of the Greater Toronto area and are in the constant state of improvement and growth.


The OM Inspections Inc. Difference.

All the clients that we work with are concerned about the money they are investing in a project and in turn, would like excellent service. We take great pride in providing exceptional home inspections to help our clients complete the projects they have spent considerable time, money, and effort on. 

One aspect that makes us second to none is our dedication to the truth. Educated clients make smart decisions, and that’s what we bank on. We leave all assessments of a situation to our clients. Most clients prefer working with us since we are honest and professional, reporting without any external influence.

One of our biggest achievements has been our steady flow of work. We are busy year-round and owe it to our hard work and dedication to clients. In the future, we would like to see home inspections become mandatory for freehold transactions.

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